Who is Nomo for?

The Nomo system is for caregivers like you who want to make sure a loved one is OK.

The Nomo Smart Care system was made for:

  • Aging adults
  • People with aging parents or grandparents who want to help them maintain independence and age in place
  • Parents of teens  
  • Those who’ve just returned from a hospital visit
  • People with mobility issues

The Nomo system uses sensors, not cameras, to monitor in-home motion. Data from sensors is sent to the Nomo mobile app and allows you, or a circle of trusted caregivers, to check in on your loved one from anywhere, any time.

Below are examples of how we've helped families like yours.

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The Nomo system helps Rose age in place.

Rose is 82. She lives alone in a one-bedroom apartment. Her two daughters, one who lives 10 minutes away and another who lives out of state, use data sent to the Nomo mobile app to make sure she’s active, and taking her medication on a regular schedule.

Rose has Nomo Satellites in her bedroom and kitchen so her daughters know when she’s up and out of bed and when she’s started her day.

Nomo Tags on Rose’s medicine cabinet and refrigerator log when she’s taken her prescriptions every morning and every night and when she has breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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The Nomo system helps Mark feel good about going home after surgery.

Mark is 55 and is recovering from knee replacement surgery. He lives alone in a two-story house and has to go up and down the stairs every day to prepare meals, receive grocery deliveries, and do laundry.

He didn’t want to burden friends by asking them to stay with him during his lengthy recovery. He also wasn’t sure he’d be able to manage by himself, what would happen if he fell or had an accident in the house, or if he’d be able to call for help.

Instead of having family stay with him, Mark installed a Nomo Satellite at the top of his staircase and one downstairs to monitor motion upstairs and downstairs. Family and trusted neighbors in his care circle are able to check on Mark using the Nomo mobile app and checklists that log his activity. They’ve also set up alerts so they’ll receive a notification if Mark isn’t moving around the house on his regular schedule which may mean something’s wrong or Mark needs help. From there they can check-in or send help.Nomo’s given Mark the confidence to recover from surgery in the comfort of his own home.

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The Nomo system lets Jenny’s mom know her teen made it safely home from school and had a snack.

Jenny is 13. Her school bus drops her off at home after basketball practice every day about an hour before her mom gets home from work.

Jenny’s mom has Nomo Tags on their front door, back door, and garage doors so she knows when Jenny’s safely home from school. She also has a tag on the refrigerator door so she can make sure Jenny’s had her afternoon snack.

Jenny’s mom’s set a Nomo alert to let her know if Jenny’s off schedule so she can check to make sure if everything’s OK or to see if Jenny needs a ride home.

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