Meet Nomo

Worried about your aging loved ones?

Meet Nomo.

Nomo is a way for seniors to maintain their independence and age in place.

Nomo uses sensors—not cameras—to track motion in the home so you can check-in on your loved one from anywhere, any time with our easy-to-use mobile app.  

  • Mom out of bed?
  • Mom opened the fridge?
  • Mom opened her medicine cabinet?

See when Mom’s day is normal. And see when Mom’s day isn’t normal…

That’s when you can step in and check in. And call for emergency service if needed.

The total cost for Nomo is about $1 day. 

Everything you need to get started with Nomo is in the Essential Care Kit. You’ll get 30 days to try our mobile app for free, then it’s just $9.99 per-month. 

We offer a 60-day return policy and satisfaction guarantee. That means you can try Nomo risk free.

Nomo's here to help you take care of mom and to take care of caregivers like you.

As we like to say:
Know more. Worry less. 

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