How to setup your Nomo system

Easy to install. Easy to use.

When you buy the Nomo system you’ll get: 

  • The Nomo Hub
  • Nomo Tags
  • Nomo Satellites 

All send activity data—without cameras—to the user-friendly Nomo mobile app. 

Setup is easy.

Nomo system setup should take about 30 minutes.

If you need help with setup, Nomo Customer Support is available 24x7: 1.844.888.8854.

Before you start, think about the things your loved one does in the home during a normal day—their daily routine. 

Do they:

  • Open the medicine cabinet?
  • Open the refrigerator?
  • Walk through a specific doorway or down a hall at a specific time of day?

Once you’ve identified key activities that happen over the course of a regular day you’re ready to get started.

Nomo system setup tip:

Make sure your cell phone Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and location services are on when setting up Nomo.

Put your Nomo devices in main living areas.

1. Place the Nomo Hub in a central location near an electrical outlet. Plug it in.

2. Then place Nomo Tags on doors, and drawers that are frequently opened, next to the bed, and anywhere there’s a trip and fall hazard.

3. Place the Nomo Satellites in main living areas or rooms where you want to track activity.

Then install the Nomo app on your phone. The Nomo app is your quick and easy source for information, potential fall detection, quick check-ins, communications, and peace of mind.

Once you’ve downloaded the Nomo App you’ll get easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions on:

  • Activating the Nomo Hub, Tags, and Satellites
  • How to add caregivers to your new Nomo account
  • How to set up custom alerts

Download the Nomo Smart Care mobile app.

Download from the Apple App Store
Download from the Google Play Store

The Nomo Hub

The Nomo Hub is the heart of the Nomo system. It connects to Wi-Fi, monitors Normal Motion within a room without cameras, and connects to Nomo Tags and Satellites to deliver real-time data to the Nomo app—anywhere in the world, day or night.

Nomo Tags

Nomo Tags are used in two ways. 

1. Tags can be placed throughout the house as easy-to-access emergency alert buttons.

  • In hallways
  • In the shower or tub
  • Bottom of the stairs
  • Floor-level in the bathroom
  • Floor-level by the bed
  • Any trip hazard area

2. Or placed on things that move. When a Tag moves, it reports activity to the Nomo app. Tags are commonly placed on: 

  • Doorways throughout the house
  • Refrigerator or cabinet doors
  • Kitchen and bathroom drawers
  • Exterior doors
  • Medicine cabinets
  • Garage doors
  • Sliding glass doors
  • Bathroom doors

Nomo Tags are water resistant and can also be placed in a shower or near a sink. 

Nomo Satellites

Satellites allow you to monitor motion throughout the home and are a way to extend the reach of the Nomo Hub beyond a single room. Satellite setup is easy. Just plug into any electrical outlet, add to the app in a single click and you’re set to go.

Some common places Nomo Satellites are used: 

  • Bedrooms
  • Bathrooms
  • Hallways
  • Basement
  • Laundry room
  • Garage

Customize Nomo alerts.

All motion detected by the Nomo Hub, Tags, and Satellites shows up in real-time in the Nomo app in a checklist. 

Once you’ve set up your Hub, Tags, Satellites and the Nomo app, you’ll be able to set up custom alerts to flag anything out of the ordinary like: 

  • More frequent bathroom use than usual
  • Medicine cabinet not opened at regular intervals
  • Refrigerator door hasn’t been opened by an expected time
  • No motion in the bedroom by an expected time

Need help? Let's talk.

Again, If you need help with Nomo system setup or have questions about Nomo call any time.

We’re here to help 24x7: 1.844.888.8854.