Emergency service

Did you know you can’t directly dial 911 for someone who isn’t in your local area?

Emergency service when you need it, where you need it.

When you dial 911 you’re only able to connect to your local emergency services.

Nomo’s RapidSOS partnership offers a way around that. 

With the Nomo App you can connect with emergency services in any city or state across the US—in seconds—to get Mom or your loved ones the help they need. FAST.

With Nomo there are two ways to dispatch emergency help:

  • Press one of the Nomo tags to call for help
  • Dispatch emergency service from the Nomo app if things don’t seem right

In case of an emergency, Nomo connects directly with 24x7 RapidSOS Safety Agents, who can:

  • Check on your loved one
  • Dispatch 911
  • Report to your care circle
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