The Nomo system gets 5-star reviews

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Just had customer service help me with the setup because THEY WILL walk you through step by step.
The four stars is because I don't really know what to think of this product just yet, but worth a try!

Shelley Namtvedt
Stay connected with your family

My daughter set-up Nomo at her home and I was invited to her “care circle” for my twin 10 yr old grandbabies and her veteran husband with PTDS, TBI, and physical limitations.
I liked that I could two ways communicate on the hub with my grandbabies in an emergency as they do not have cellphones nor a landline at the house.
My daughter set-up triggers that alert her and I if the gun safe has motion for example or the front door has not opened by 4:50pm when the kids should have gotten home from school.
My husband and I are in our early 70’s and didn’t feel that we needed a “I have fallen and can’t get up “ type of system however Nomo is not only fall detection for old people however my daughter asked that we also set-up a Nomo at our home.
I saw how helpful it was at my daughter’s house and they don’t have an elderly person living there so I agreed.
My husband and I have been using Nomo at our home and what I like about Nomo for us is that we can track our blood pressure in the Nomo app so when we go to the doctor we have several readings as opposed to a single reading at the doctor’s office.
My daughter has peace of mind with the system just being in our home and if I can afford her that with it just being in my home why wouldn’t I? There are no cameras, and it doesn’t record your voice BUT if something should happen we have the option to call for help.
I would recommend Nomo even if you are not a fall risk, it keeps our family connect and helps us to be proactive in our blood pressure management.

Cheryl C.
Nomo Provides Peace of Mind

Nomo provides a peace of mind for me and my family. This system will aid in maintaining my elderly parent’s independence. Their activity can be monitored to ensure no changes in patterns occur while the strategically placed tags guarantee that family members are only a push of a button away.

The system was very easy to set up. The customer service staff were extremely timely and helpful in responding to my questions. I would definitely recommend this system for anyone as a way to provide an extra layer of protection for your loved ones to assist them with their independence for as long as possible.

Thomas Flynn
Just What the Dr. Ordered...

I purchased the NOMO Smart Care to help my sister and me care for our 91 year old stubbornly independent father, who lives alone in the house we grew up. We have had the device for over 30 days and it has been a huge relief and welcomed comfort to be able to monitor Pops without interruption every day. The NOMO customer support team helped us right away with a small setup issue that we couldn't figure out on our own. All in All - NOMO has delivered on its promises. The Activity Tracker app has been pleasure to watch every day.

Ricardo Gomez-Cendon
Helping my parents keep their independence

I love Nomo's capability to give me peace of mind while also helping my parents keep their independence. My parents don't want cameras in their home but I needed a savvy system to ensure they were remembering to do their daily tasks while also giving me piece of mind that if they fell, I'd be alerted. Nomo provides me piece of mind!