Worried about your aging loved ones? Get Normal Motion monitoring and peace of mind for about $1 day.

Nomo monitors activity in the home and allows you to quickly check on loved ones from anywhere, anytime—without cameras.

Mom's activity is as expected? Good to know.
Not as expected? What if it's an emergency? How will you know?

  • Nomo motion sensors log daily activity—in a simple checklist.
  • The Nomo system sends alerts when things aren't normal—time to check in.
  • Need help—dispatch emergency service.

The Nomo system is a new, affordable way to help mom maintain independence and age in place for only about $1 day.

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Emergency services when you need them—fast.

Did you know when you dial 911 you’re only able to connect to local emergency services?

The Nomo system is RapidSOS Ready. When seconds count, you can quickly connect to 911 services nationwide with Nomo.

Send help directly to your loved one when they need it.

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24x7 customer support and satisfaction guarantee

At Nomo, we're caregivers too. We know taking care of a loved one is a 24x7 job. That's why we're here for you any time you need us. From set up, to support. You can buy the Nomo system with confidence—risk free.

Learn more about our satisfaction guarantee.

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