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and independent living

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As life changes, we want to maintain our independence and individuality. Nomo Smart Care redefines what it means to provide care and be cared for. Our simply designed, easy-to-use products and smart app empowers confident caregiving and independent living.

simple, intelligent caregiving

Nomo Smart Care works seamlessly in the background of your loved one's home, letting you know how they are doing and sending alerts if they need help. This allows you to spend less time worrying and more quality time together.

our smart care system offers:

plus, we offer 24/7 customer support

Our Nomo customer care team is available 24/7 to assist you in your caregiving journey.

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stronger together

Although Nomo Smart Care is made up of individual components, they work together to create an optimal and connected caregiving experience for you and your loved one. The essential care kit provides you with a starting point with 1 hub, 2 satellites and 4 tags. Additional devices can be purchased separately to extend coverage.

explore the

the Nomo app

keep your care circle connected

Our Nomo Smart Care app is loaded with easy and intuitive features to provide confident caregiving. The entire care circle can monitor, communicate and provide the right level of care through their mobile devices.

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the hub

sound + motion sensing
communication device

The hub’s proprietary scanning technology monitors activity, provides hands-free communication and uses smart retreival of motion and sound to help identify and alert the care circle of expected and unexpected events.

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the satellites

motion and sound sensor
with motion-activated lights

Easily extend Nomo to other parts of the home. Satellites connect seamlessly through the hub and can be plugged into any electrical outlet. They deploy sensor technology similar to the hub and use motion-activated, LED indicators to highlight system status and provide visual alerts.

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the tags

motion sensors
with alert button

Capture important daily activities with our stick-on, water-resistant tags. These motion-sensing devices can be placed on any surface inside the home to deliver real-time activity data. They also have a help button to notify your care circle in times of need.

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