nomo lets you check on mom by checking on her normal motion.

Who knows mom better than you?

At Nomo, we know that what mom’s doing is how she’s doing. Simple daily routines like getting out of bed and eating regular meals are important, and normal motion is what tells us. Nomo lets you check in on mom day or night, from anywhere, anytime.

At a glance, you can see; “how’s mom?”

normal matters.

Nomo translates normal motion into a simple checklist.

You know what’s normal for mom, and what her motion means.

what motion matters?
you decide.

Nomo is totally customizable and super easy to install. The Hub, Tags, and Satellites work like motion checkers and check points.

Normal motion triggers a simple signal that shows up on the app. All you have to do is decide what motion matters most; it’s that easy.

anyone can be on
"team mom"

Easily invite family, friends and neighbors to your loved one's Care Circle.

Each Care Circle member is able to customize and control which alerts and notifications they receive depending on the level of care they wish to provide.

who is nomo for?

is something not normal?
nomo will tell you.

Mom didn’t open the medicine cabinet? No movement in the kitchen this morning? Nomo will make sure the Care Circle knows.

The Care Circle can check with mom and resolve the alert if she’s okay, or escalate the alert to connect with emergency services closest to her home.

Nomo knows that every second matters if mom needs help.

24/7 customer service

At Nomo, we’re caregivers too.⁣

We understand that taking care of a loved one is a full-time job, so we’re here for you any time you need us.

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"The latest innovation in healthcare motion detection technology that is solving the many issues that caregivers face."

"With an increase in the number of adults wishing to 'age at home', the
advanced technology behind Nomo Smart Care helps support individuals to stay in their homes rather than move in with their children or an assisted living facility."

“With Nomo's state of the art
technology and RapidSOS's infrastructure of life saving services, connecting those in distress with emergency services will be faster and more efficient than ever before.”