What is Nomo and how does it work?

Nomo uses no-camera motion and movement sensors to check Mom’s Normal Motion inside her home day and night. It sends the information to the easy-to-use Nomo app.

Mom’s care circle can spot changes that might signal she needs assistance. With Nomo, it’s easy to check in. And in an emergency anyone in the care circle can get Mom help fast. 

Nomo provides potential fall detection, but thanks to Normal Motion sensors Nomo does more.

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What is Normal Motion?

Normal Motion is a new way of thinking. It makes Nomo more powerful than traditional potential fall alert systems.

Is Mom OK?

Nomo uses Normal Motion to check the daily activities and routines that tell you ‘Mom’s ok.’ Nomo helps check if Mom:  

  • Got out of bed 
  • Opened her refrigerator 
  • Opened her medicine cabinet

In the app, you choose what you want to check, and when you want to be alerted about a change.

What if Mom's not OK?

With Nomo checking Normal Motion, you also know when things that should happen don’t: 

  • Mom not out of bed at her usual time
  • Mom didn’t open her medicine cabinet 
  • Mom didn’t open the fridge at mealtime

Normal day – good to know. Not normal – that could be an emergency.

How does Normal Motion work?

Safety. Security. Emergency help fast.

When Mom’s Normal Motion changes, it’s critical to know. You can step in to address small concerns before they get worse. 

In an emergency, Nomo is RapidSOS ready. RapidSOS provides a direct connection to help immediately. RapidSOS is integrated with 911 services nationwide. 24/7 Safety Agents can dispatch help fast.

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Layers of potential fall detection

Nomo does potential fall detection – in more ways than one. 

  1. Detects potential falls automatically when Mom wears a Tag as a pendant  
  2. Let’s Mom quickly call for help with the push of a button on the Hub or a Tag
  3. Detects a lack of Normal Motion or changes in patterns that might mean Mom needs help
  4. Lets caregivers set custom triggers and get alerts when it matters most

Nomo does all of that, without cameras.

More caregivers means more care

Build a support team for Mom.

It’s easy and free to add caregivers in the Nomo app. Family. Friends. Trusted neighbors. More caregivers means more care for Mom. And with the free-to-download Nomo app, caregivers can check on Mom from across the street, across town, across the country -any time, day or night. 


Peace of mind has never been so simple.

Most powerful. Most affordable. No contract.

Get peace of mind for about $1 a day!  

Nomo requires no contracts and comes with a 2-year warranty with registration. 

We made Nomo to fit family budgets. Click HERE to learn about the Nomo payment plan. 

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Nomo is a total system, a safety net for Mom.

The Hub, two Satellites and four Tags that make up the Nomo Smart Care Essential Care Kit work together to provide layers of protection.

The Hub and Satellites detect motion in a room, a person. Tags check movement of activities in a room, like opening a door or drawer. Tags can also be worn as a potential fall detection pendant or placed around the home as emergency call buttons – even in the shower. Nomo tags are shower proof.

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Who can be on "Team Mom"?

Easy and fast set-up

Help Mom stay safe and secure without set-up headaches. 

Installing Nomo is easy, and we’re always here to help 24/7 if needed. Questions about set-up, changes or features? Nomo’s team of product specialists is always available and ready to ensure you get up and running and enjoying Nomo fast. 

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Protect Mom. And her privacy.

Nomo is secure and trustworthy

Nomo checks on Mom’s activity day and night without cameras. Nomo’s simple sensor technology makes it possible to protect Mom and her privacy. Mom can stay in her home with more confidence and without feeling watched. That’s good for Mom and everyone who cares for her.

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24/7 customer service

At Nomo, we’re caregivers too.⁣

We understand that taking care of a loved one is a full-time job, so we’re here for you any time you need us.

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"The latest innovation in healthcare motion detection technology that is solving the many issues that caregivers face."

"With an increase in the number of adults wishing to 'age at home', the
advanced technology behind Nomo Smart Care helps support individuals to stay in their homes rather than move in with their children or an assisted living facility."

“With Nomo's state of the art
technology and RapidSOS's infrastructure of life saving services, connecting those in distress with emergency services will be faster and more efficient than ever before.”