Nomo. Easy to install. Easy to use.

Nomo smart technology is simple to install and easy to customize.

Nomo components work together to let you check Mom’s Normal Motion in the areas that matter most, so you can support her staying in her home with confidence and peace of mind.

Know more, worry less. 

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How do Nomo devices work?

✅ No contracts

✅ 2-year warranty with registration

✅ 60-day returns

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The Hub

The Hub is the heart of the Nomo system. It connects to Wi-Fi and checks Mom’s Normal Motion. The Hub provides two-way communication from anyone in her care circle from anywhere in the world. Any time, day or night.

The Hub senses Mom’s daily routine and lets you check in quickly and easily with built-in, two-way communication. It’s not only the “heart” of Nomo, it’s the “brain” as well.

It’s technology that makes caring for Mom simple and easy. 


Satellites sense motion in any room you choose: 

  • Bedroom
  • Bathroom
  • Basement
  • Washroom
  • Garage
  • Hallway 

They extend Nomo’s reach to other parts of Mom’s home. They plug into any electrical outlet.

Satellites use the same motion sensors as the Hub. Pick where to place. Plug it in. Add it to the app. Easy.


Tags are easy-to-install, easy-to-use, and shower-proof. Place a tag on any surface to check movement and activities. Tags can also be worn as pendants for potential fall detection. Plus, all Tags are equipped with an emergency alert button, placing help within easy reach. 

Tags can be placed anywhere you want to capture movement. When a Tag moves, it reports to the Nomo app. Use tags to check movement: 

  • Doorways throughout the house
  • Refrigerator or cabinet doors
  • Kitchen and bathroom drawers
  • Exterior doors day and night
  • Medicine cabinet
  • Garage door
  • Sliding glass doors
  • Bathroom door

Or place Tags throughout the house as easy-to-access emergency alert buttons:

  • In hallways
  • In the shower or tub
  • Bottom of the stairs
  • Floor-level in the bathroom
  • Floor-level by the bed
  • Any trip hazard area
  • Easy reach, emergency alert

The App

The Nomo app is your quick and easy source for information, potential fall detection, quick check-ins, communications, and peace of mind.

Customize the Nomo app to trigger alerts for events such as: 

  • An exterior door opening at an unusual hour
  • Mom not getting out of bed on time 
  • Mom not opening her medicine cabinet
  • Mom not opening the refrigerator or pantry 
  • Changes in bathroom use

Emergency response fast

Nomo partners with RapidSOS, a national leader in emergency alert services. Should an emergency occur, Nomo connects directly with the 24/7 RapidSOS Safety Agents, who can:

  • Check on Mom
  • Dispatch
  • Report to Mom’s care circle
Important note:
Dialing 911 connects you with your local emergency services only. You cannot directly dial 911 for someone who is not local. When seconds count, Nomo with RapidSOS can connect you fast with Mom’s emergency services from across the state or from across the country.