the hub

Model: HUB1001

Monitor your loved one's activity while respecting their privacy without the use of cameras. The hub is set up in the highest activity room of the home and is the heart of the Nomo Smart Care™ system. The hub's proprietary sensor technology monitors motion, provides hands-free communication, and applies intelligent retrieval of motion and sound to help identify expected and unexpected events.

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the center of it all

sensors track activity.

After you've placed the hub in the main room, our proprietary sensor technology scans motion and sound without the use of cameras. The sensors can identify where your loved one is within the house, if they are standing, sitting, what the room temp is, and can easily understand the difference between a pet or human. Our scanning technology learns and adapts through system use, helping to reduce false alarms.

sends alerts for unexpected events

The hub recognizes sound and motion to identify events within the home. As the system adapts to the environment, it can detect the difference between regular activities or an unexpected event. If the Nomo Smart Care system detects something outside of the normal routine, the hub sends a series of customized alerts and notifications to the care circle.

keeping everyone connected.

The hub's hands-free group talk function allows the care circle to communicate with their loved one through the hub and the Nomo Smart Care™ app.

send gentle reminders.

The color LED ring on the hub uses soft, animated multi-color light to send reminders, or just to let your loved ones know you are thinking of them. You can also send audio reminders that will play through the hub whenever you choose.

additional features: