the Nomo app

The Nomo Smart Care app is loaded with easy and intuitive features for confident caregiving while respecting the privacy of your loved one. The entire care circle can monitor, communicate and provide the right level of care by customizing alerts on their mobile device. The Nomo system delivers 24/7 real-time data, alerts and notifications about your loved one's routines and activities, and notifies you when an unexpected event is detected.

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simple, connected caregiving

a customized and connected care community

group communication

Use the Nomo app group call function to call your loved one through the hub and invite other members of the care circle to join the call.

duly noted

The Nomo app allows the care circle to write notes and updates that everyone can see and comment on.

create your care circle

Easily invite family, friends and neighbors to your loved one's care circle. Once they accept, they are able to customize and control what alerts and notifications they receive depending on the level of care they wish to provide.

receive meaningful and actionable data

24/7 monitoring

Using the activity wheel, quickly cycle through the last 24 hours of activities and events captured by the Nomo system.

quickly review events

All documented events are in a list view below the wheel so you can quickly review.

set and track daily activity goals

Nomo can track daily activities like sleep and mobility so you can ensure the health and wellness of your loved one. Set daily goals and receive alerts if mom has deviated from her routine.

alerts in real-time

If an unexpected event occurs, the Nomo system can alert the care circle right away and dispatch emergency response if needed.

environmental sensors

The Nomo system has environmental sensors to monitor temperature and humidity to make sure your loved one’s environment is healthy and comfortable.

create a deeper connection
with your loved one

send gentle reminders

Record and send audio messages to your loved one directly from the app to the hub. You can also send visual reminders through the Nomo app that will appear on the hub or satellite's LED-color ring.