the satellite

Two satellites included in the Essential Care Kit and additional 2-packs can be purchased.

Model: SAT1001R-02

The Nomo Smart Care™ Satellites extend coverage to other areas of your loved one’s home. Satellites connect seamlessly through the hub and can be plugged into any electrical outlet. They use similar sensor technology as the hub, collecting sound + motion data. The alert button is available to notify your care circle in times of need or acknowledge a notification.

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cover more space

extend confidence

Easily extend the Nomo Smart Care system to other parts of the home like hallways, bedrooms and stairwells. The satellites seamlessly connect through the hub and can be plugged into any electrical outlet. The satellites use motion sensing technology to deliver real-time data directly to the Nomo app.

work in harmony

The satellites use pre-defined sound signatures to detect noises like water running, a dog barking or human voices – without invading privacy. They can detect unexpected events and can send a series of alerts to the care circle.

confidence confirmed

Send reminders to your loved one through LED color animations on the light ring of the satellite. Mom can easily press the center ring to confirm your reminder.

additional features: