Evaluating independent living options?

The Nomo system is an affordable way to help mom maintain independence and age in place.

Nomo Smart Care technology is the affordable way to help Mom stay at home—and give everyone peace of mind.

The Nomo system is more than fall detection.* Nomo’s Normal Motion technology lets you quickly check on Mom anytime from anywhere—day or night—without cameras. 

Simple sensors capture Mom’s activity in her home and report it all to the Nomo app.

Things like:

  • Mom got out of bed on schedule
  • Mom opened her medicine cabinet on time
  • Mom opened her refrigerator
  • There was movement in Mom's house throughout the day

Everyone who cares about Mom can use the Nomo system to check on Mom and check in.

How does Nomo technology work? No cameras. Sensors check Mom’s activities:

  • Nomo motion sensors capture and log daily activity—in a simple checklist.
  • The Nomo system can send alerts when things aren't as expected—time to check in.
  • Think you need help—dispatch emergency service.

The Nomo system is a new, affordable way to help mom maintain independence and age in place for only about $1 day.

*Fall Detection does not detect all falls and a Tag must be worn to use fall detection. You should always be prepared to manually notify the Nomo system if you need help.

Connect with emergency services when needed—fast!

Emergency? Mom needs help? When you dial 911 you directly connect to your local emergency services. You can’t directly connect to Mom’s emergency services unless she’s local too.

The Nomo system connects you to RapidSOS—one of the leading emergency dispatch services in the US.

With Nomo technology and RapidSOS:

  • Mom can call for help—fast
  • You can send help fast
  • Help goes directly to the right address
  • Help arrives with important medical information about Mom (requires set-up)

With the Nomo system there are four ways to dispatch emergency help:

  • Mom can press the alert button on one of the Nomo tags to call for help
  • Mom can press the alert button on the Nomo Hub to call for help
  • You can dispatch emergency service from the Nomo app if things don’t seem right
  • You can set triggers to detect potential problems and activate an automated response

When an alert is triggered, Nomo can connect directly with 24x7 RapidSOS Safety Agents, who can:

  • Speak to your loved one
  • Dispatch 911
  • Report to your care circle

Nomo technology provides tools to know more about what is happening with Mom.

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Be ready when Mom needs help.

The Nomo Essential Care Kit includes everything you need to check on your loved one and send help fast when needed:

  • The Nomo Hub
  • 4 Nomo Tags
  • 2 Nomo Satellites
  • 30-day subscription free trial ($9.99 monthly after the first 30 days, cancel any time)
  • 24x7 setup support

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