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These are some of the most common concerns we hear from people considering Nomo. You might share many of these concerns. If so, you’re not alone.

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We understand. Many of us at Nomo are caregivers. Nomo was created to help people continue living in their homes for as long as possible — with confidence and peace of mind. 

Many families are turning to smart home solutions to safely prolong their loved ones’ independent living. Among these, Nomo offers the most useful features at the most affordable price. From potential fall detection, to checking Normal Motion, to the ability to rapidly contact local emergency support services from anywhere in the country, Nomo addresses many of the top concerns around aging in place. We’re committed to helping people enjoy the comforts of home as long and as safely as possible. 

Privacy was built into Nomo from the start. Nomo never uses cameras. Nomo uses motion and movement sensors to check that Normal Motion is happening (i.e., someone getting out of bed or opening a refrigerator door). 

We agree that no one does. Nomo won’t intrude on your day or your activities. Nomo simply helps your loved ones to check that you’re OK and things are normal. 

The two-way communication device in the Hub comes equipped with a privacy setting, so you always have control over your care circle’s ability to speak or listen through the device. NOMO offers independence with privacy and peace of mind.

You might not need help now, and that’s great. But with Nomo, if something out of the ordinary happens, your family can help you quickly if you need it. When little things are caught and addressed before turning into big things, the odds of remaining safe and independent for as long as possible only increase.

Making it easy for your care circle to know that all is well with you — or to quickly know and act if it’s not — is the opposite of a burden. Nomo is for your loved ones’ peace of mind as well. Knowing more means worrying less.