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As life changes, people want to maintain their independence, individuality, and freedom to keep living life confidently and on their terms. Caregivers want confidence that their loved one will be safe, and confidence that those receiving care will have help when they need it. 

Nomo Smart Care offers caregivers a way to know how their loved one is doing and if they need help even when they can’t be there, all while allowing the loved one to keep their independence. We do this with a focus on customizable privacy options. We’re not a huge tech company here for data. We’re not looking to sell complicated features.  

At Nomo, we are caregivers too.  As a family-owned organization made up of a diverse mix of employees and partners, we offer simple, intelligent, and connected tools to help caregivers support their loved ones’ independence while answering the question, “How’s Mom?”. 


Nomo Smart Care™ - Know More, Worry Less. ™

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