Nomo Smart Care Partners with Wounded Warrior Project

Nomo Smart Care Partners with Wounded Warrior Project


June is Post Traumatic Stress Month

Edina, MN (June 18, 2024) – Nomo Smart Care (Nomo) and the Wounded Warrior Project (WWP) have joined forces during Post Traumatic Stress (PTSD) Month in June to provide peace of mind to veterans and their families. On June 17, Nomo and WWP  presented a virtual webinar where 27 veterans and caregivers from around the country learned how Nomo shares information that helps loved ones ensure all is normal with a veteran’s daily routine.

“Sometimes veterans feel they are a burden to their families. Loved ones who are concerned for a veteran’s well-being and are not aways able to be present. Nomo supports caregivers with the information they need to know all is well,” said Tim Sherno, Chief Marketing Officer, Nomo Smart Care. “Nomo is unique because it monitors Normal Motion, it’s easy to set up and cost effective.”

“My family and I use Nomo every day. My husband is a veteran who enjoys his independence. But I can still check in on him remotely from my company’s office during the workday without always calling him. It gives me peace of mind to know he’s having a normal day,” said Macy Mucciacciaro, vice president of sales, Nomo Smart Care.

Normal Motion: Know More, Worry Less
Nomo relies on sensor technology. 

The Nomo Hub, Satellites, and sensor Tags reports and logs motion and movement without the use of cameras. Nomo then sends that information to the easy and intuitive app. This free-to-download app connects the loved one, their family members, and caregivers so they can spot changes in normal notion in real time, like when a medicine cabinet is opened on time, or not opened, or when kitchen pantries are left untouched, or when the gun safe is opened, and if needed, offers direct-to-911 voice connectivity. 

Unlike traditional medical alert systems, Nomo allows caregivers to check in to see if a loved one’s motion and activity are normal and quickly tell if they’re not. 

The Nomo Smart Care Essential Care Kit retails for $250 and is available at,  and on

Extend coverage throughout the home with additional tags or satellites.

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About Nomo Smart Care
Nomo Smart Care is the first fully digital option for caregivers that focuses on maintaining their loved ones’ independence and keeping them in their homes longer. The Nomo Smart Care Essential Care Kit offers simple, intelligent, and connected tools to help caregivers support their loved ones' independence while supporting their caregiving needs. The Essential Care Kit includes a smart hub, 2 satellites, and 4 tags. The entire collection of Nomo Smart Care devices is operated by a convenient app and easily connects to any Wi-Fi network. The Nomo Smart Care Essential Care Kit comes equipped with all the devices you need to get started supporting caregivers with the addition of downloading the free Nomo app. For more information, visit
About Wounded Warrior Project

Since 2003, Wounded Warrior Project® (WWP) has been meeting the growing needs of warriors, their families, and caregivers — helping them achieve their highest ambition. Learn more.



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