meet nomo.

Simple set-up, powerful sensing, invaluable information.

Nomo is a game-changer.

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the hub

The hub is the heart of the Nomo system and is hooked up via Wi-Fi network.

The hub provides hands-free instant communication with the Care Circle, air temperature and humidity readings, and senses your loved one's daily routine.


Satellites connect seamlessly through the hub and can be plugged into any electrical outlet.

They use similar sensor technology as the hub, collecting sound and motion data while transcribing them to the Nomo app in real-time.


Tags can be placed on any surface in the home to sense movement.

The Nomo app notifies when the fridge, medicine cabinet, or doors are opened. Other Tag features include alert buttons and wearable Pendant setting for fall detection.

the app

The Nomo Smart Care app easy and intuitive for confident caregiving while respecting the privacy of your loved one.

Add anyone to the Care Circle to join “Team Mom,” check in with your loved one, and communicate with the Care Circle. With the Nomo app, you can care from anywhere.

The app delivers 24/7 real-time data, alerts and notifications about your loved one's normal motion
routine and notifies you when an unexpected event is detected.