the tags

4 tags included in the Essential Care Kit and additional 4-packs can be purchased.

Model: TAG1001R-04

The Nomo Smart Care™ stick-on, water-resistant tags capture important daily activities. These motion-sensing devices can be placed on any surface or used as a wearable device inside the home. The tags deliver real-time activity data such as mom’s mobility throughout the day or if the front door or medicine cabinet was opened at a specific time. They also have an alert button to notify the care circle in times of need.

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tracking motion
in real-time

for true peace of mind

Instantly know if your loved one has deviated from her regular routine. Place the tags on almost any surface or item to track its motion. Place on the fridge to know how often it’s used, the bathroom cabinet where medicine is stored, or on the front door.

they’re easily
wearable at home

Tags can also be a wearable device to give your loved one the confidence to be independent in the home, if needed. As long as it’s used indoors, and within the hub’s range, it easily connects wirelessly to other Nomo Smart Care devices.

use to signal for help

The help button featured on the front of the tag can easily be pressed regardless of location, and will instantly alert the care circle when help is needed.

additional features: