who is nomo for?

Nomo is for anyone you care for, or care about.

Let us show you what you need to check on your loved ones,
no matter their home size, age, or level of mobility.

With Nomo’s customizable system, we can find your perfect fit.

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rose's nomo

Rose is 82 and lives alone. She has a small one-bedroom apartment in a senior living community.

She has one Satellite in the bedroom and one in the kitchen. She uses tags on her medicine cabinet and refrigerator.

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mark's nomo

Mark is 55 and recovering from knee replacement surgery. He lives in an open-plan house with two floors.

He uses one Satellite at the top of the staircase, and one in the kitchen below so his Care Circle can see that he got downstairs safely.

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jenny's nomo

Jenny is 14. She has basketball practice every day after school while her mom is at work. There is an attached garage and lots of doors in Jenny’s home.

Her mom uses the Tags to sense movement on each entrance to check that her Jenny got in the house okay.

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